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Hi, my name's Emma Jane...

...and I'm the artisan that creates all the handmade prayer beads at Atalya Designs. Thank you for stopping by this page to find out a little more about me. So, where did it all start? Since becoming ill with Ulcerative Colitis quite a few years ago, I began on a healing journey of prayer and creativity. To help overcome the discomfort of Colitis, I began making jewellery and other beaded creations, this then progressed onto prayer beads - as during my healing journey I began to meditate and pray daily.
I developed a closer relationship with God, the Holy Mother, Jesus, my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. It was beautiful, and having made my own rosary beads, the comfort of holding them was very powerful. I decided to create some rosary beads and prayer beads for my family and friends.


As the journey progressed, my faith deepened and my rosary beads became a a real comfort to me. I wanted to share this comfort and love with others, and so I decided to open a web site to enable other people to purchase my creations if they so desired. I have been constantly blessed and touched by the kindness to which my customers contact me regarding my work. It's an absolute joy to know people are finding comfort, peace and healing from my creations. Thank you so much!
I adore the whole process of designing, creating and finalising each project. Prayer, meditation and devotion is a very spiritual and uplifting experience - and my hope is to bring even more joy to your daily practices ♥

I chose the name Atalya, as the name Atalya means God is Praised ...which I thought was rather apt and fitted beautifully with what I was doing. Atalya is also a Greek version of the name Emma, so I truly felt this was the right name for my business.

I've been creating rosary beads and prayer beads for many years now, and I thoroughly enjoy the fulfillment that each piece brings to my life. All of my unique prayer beads are hand crafted using healing gemstones and semi-precious beads for a more beneficial prayer tool. Sometimes we need extra help or guidance whilst saying our prayers, so I decided to use beads that could bring a sense of peace. Many crystals and gemstones have healing properties within them and each gemstone can provide a 'specific' healing property that can bring much comfort and peace to your soul. Just by holding the items in the palm of your hand can generate a sense of peace, calm or love within your heart. It's hoped that with regular prayer or by keeping your items close by, you'll not only feel closer to God but feel the loving energy of the gemstones as well.

I have provided an explanation of each gemstone healing property - so you can check which beads have been used and what their properties are - just click here for each gemstone description.

I'm also a member of SRAJD (Self Representing Artists In Jewelry Design) #3237.
The SRAJD is an international organization of jewellery designers who create and sell their own jewellery. When you purchase from an SRAJD member, you are buying directly from and supporting the artist.

Please browse through my web site and enjoy your stay, I hope you find something truly special. Thank you for taking the time to read all about my journey and how I became to create beautiful prayer beads. May your prayers always be answered and may the Lord fill your life with goodness, love and peace. You are blessed.

Love and Light, Emma Jane




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