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There is no fixed rule on how to use Baha’i faith prayer beads, but a common way is to use a set of 95 prayer beads, with an additional larger bead or marker so you can tell when you have completed the 95. The prayer beads are usually held in one hand, draped over the fingers, and the thumb is used to pull one bead at a time over the first finger for each recitation of the Greatest Name. All Baha'i Faith prayer beads come presented in a free deluxe drawstring pouch

  Handmade Bahai Faith Prayer Beads
Handmade Baha'i Faith Prayer Beads
Natural Agate
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Baha'i Faith

Prayer Beads






Please note, I'm currently in the process of creating lots of lovely Baha'i faith beads and they'll be added to my website shortly. If you'd like to order some prayer beads now, please do contact me and I'll be happy to help.

  Handmade Bahai Faith Prayer Beads



















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