A detailed description of the semi-precious beads used within the mala.

Botswana Agate is believed to be a gentle, comforting stone, enhancing creativity and abstract thinking. Sometimes called the 'Change Stone' as it is beneficial in helping to handle change in a positive way. Bloodstone - In the Middle Ages, bloodstone was attributed special powers as the spots were thought to be the blood of Jesus Christ. Engraved bloodstone was also used by the Babylonians in divination and by the Ancient Egyptians to magically defeat enemies. It's a good grounding stone with protective qualities. Considered a powerful healing stone, believed to aid balance and renewal. Black Onyx - Believed to be one of the most powerful protection stones. It absorbs and transforms negative energy. Enhances self-control and mental clarity.

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Unique Handmade Mala Prayer Beads By Emma Jane Brown

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