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A detailed description of the beads used within the mala:

Turquoise - Believed to be a stone of communication, making one more eloquent, loving, creative and honest. Also considered a stone of friendship. Magnesite - Magnesite is a wonderful relaxing and calming stone to use in meditation, and it has the potential to aid you to create quite amazing changes in your life. It has a soothing vibration, and if you meditate with it, and tune into the energy of your heart it will allow you to respond to the desires of the heart. Lavender / Purple Jade - Believed to alleviate emotional hurt and trauma, bestowing inner peace. New Jade - Although it resembles Jade, it is believed to have much more powerful energies. A bringer of abundance and confidence. Promotes balance. Plum Jade - Jade is a symbol of purity and serenity, signifying wisdom gained in tranquility. Plum Jade is believed to bestow inner peace.

mala mala


Unique Handmade Mala By Emma Jane Brown

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