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A detailed description of the semi-precious beads used within the rosary:

Lepidolite - Referred to as the “Peace Stone” as it's believed to attract peace, luck and happiness and drives away negativity. Pink Rhodonite - Said to be an emotional balancer. It grounds energy, balances yin-yang and aids in achieving one’s highest potential. White Xingjiang Jade- Jade is considered to possess the power of good luck and good health. It has the ability to resist evil spirits and get rid of bad luck. Smokey Quartz - Believed to be a superb antidote to stress. A protective stone which has strong links with the earth. Said to be one of the most efficient grounding stones. Apache Jasper - Connected to the earth encouraging ecological awareness. Brings stability and balance, aids in deep meditation.

Unique Handmade Rosary By Emma Jane Brown

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